Manifesto for a Democratic Civilization Volume 1—Civilization: The Age of Masked Gods and Disguised Kings

Abdullah Öcalan (Author)


Publisher: New Compass Press
Format: Book
Binding: pb
Released: September 15, 2015
ISBN-13: 9788293064428

This manifesto is the definitive work of Abdullah Öcalan, crucial for understanding the Kurdish revolution. Here Öcalan outlines a democratic alternative for the Middle East.

A criticism that limits itself to capitalism is too superficial, Öcalan argues, and turns his eyes to the underlying structures of civilization. Rethinking the methods of understanding culture, politics, and society, he provides the tools for what he calls a sociology of freedom.

In this work, Abdullah Öcalan distills thirty-five years of revolutionary theory and praxis and 10 years of solitary confinement in Turkish prisons. These reflections represent the essence of his ideas on society, knowledge, and power. 

"Considering the circumstances under which the book was written, I’d say the achievement here is quite impressive. Abdullah Öcalan seems to have done a better job writing with the extremely limited resources allowed him by his jailers than authors like Francis Fukuyama or Jared Diamond did with access to the world’s finest research libraries." —David Graeber

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