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adrienne maree brown (Author); Susan Raffo (Author)


Publisher: AK Press
Format: Book
Binding: 2x PB + tote bag
Released: November 8, 2022

SPECIAL PREORDER PROMOTION: Preorder both upcoming Emergent Strategy Series books: Fables and Spells by adrienne maree brown and Liberated to the Bone by Susan Raffo. When you preorder them together here, you'll also receive the new Emergent Strategy Series tote bag. Books and tote will ship together when the books are released in November.

About Fables and Spells:

Visionary fiction and poetry from bestselling author adrienne maree brown.

Fables and Spells is a vibrant selection of visionary works, both previously published and brand new. Included here is brown’s most beloved story, “The River,” as well as the two sequel tales of her Water Trio. The remaining sixty-seven pieces explore moments of beauty, conflict, and transformation that also weave deep, radical lessons. With narrative “fables” of speculative fiction and “spells” that play with the lines between poetry, instruction, song, and chant, Fables and Spells demonstrates how good writing can engage the present while providing expansive visions of the possible worlds humans can build.

★ "The 70 short stories and poems that make up brown’s phenomenal debut collection (after the novella Grievers) explore social justice through an Afrofuturist lens…It’s a masterful mix of genre and form that showcases brown’s range and skill. This should be required reading for anyone looking for Black feminist speculative literature."
Publishers Weekly, starred review

About Liberated to the Bone:

A way to deepen our understanding of the relationship between social justice and the work of healing—healing as individuals, communities, and societies.

Liberated to the Bone addresses the intersections between healing our physical bodies and healing our social relations which are shaped by violence. Bodyworker and cultural worker Susan Raffo addresses intergenerational trauma, social justice, organizing, and how all of these things are relevant to our bodies. The book illuminates three different approaches to healing: ending violence, the significance of being rooted in the present, and creating the conditions to address unfinished histories and generational trauma. By showing how these approaches are intricately connected—physically and emotionally—Raffo interrupts the traumatic binaries of the political and spiritual, the physical and intellectual, and healing and organizing.

"This book speaks to the relationships we need for our collective liberation. This is a vibrant, complex and a veritable feast for our hunger, our hearts, our collective spirits and breath. Raffo speaks to our kin and asks us to shape our relationships to earth, to bodies, to histories, and transformation. Her words are a path toward shedding our fears and building new cosmologies for connection and healing. This book is medicine as necessary as blood, as bone, as air, as seeds, as water is to our collective memories and futures."
Cara Page, Cultural Worker/Organizer, co-founding member of the Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collective

About the Emergent Strategy Series tote bag:

A US-made grocery tote (18" w x 14.5" h x 3" gusset) in natural cotton canvas, featuring two-color Emergent Strategy Series artwork on both front and back. The tote bag is included when you preorder Fables and Spells and Liberated to the Bone together!

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